About the Author

Mark is a programmer and system architect with nearly two decades of experience. He typically works with small teams of talented developers on next-generation responsive web and mobile applications. Over the years he has built production systems in BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, C#, Python, Java, and javascript.  His current daily technology ecosystem includes python, node, Docker, redis, postgreSql, elasticsearch, swagger, and whatever else he can get his hands on for free that will solve a problem. In a previous life he co-founded Incurrent, a first-gen Internet banking startup that made Deloit’s Hot 50 a couple of times in the 90’s. He is an occasional writer who has authored some twenty articles for print journals that no longer exist, including Dr. Dobb’s Journal and Software Development Magazine. When not working he plays the guitar, rummages about in history, follows old roads to see where they go, and tries to help his wife Michele manage three daughters, two dogs, two cats, and a rabbit. You can contact him at markbetz.net.