Rosina Betz death record, 1899


Alois Betz’s wife Rosina passed away September 23, 1899. In the death record her residence is given as 35 Marion, so we can conjecture that she spent the last period of her life living with Edward R. and Lena Betz in their home next to the store that she and Alois had purchased in 1873. Unfortunately her parents names are left blank in the record. It’s possible her living relatives did not know them.

1900 Federal census, Cuyahoga county, Ohio

Original Page 1

Original Page 2

The Federal census for Cuyahoga county, Ohio, for the year 1900 shows Edward R. and Lena Betz living at 35 Marion street, next door to the old store/home that Alois and Rosina purchased in 1873. The records begin at the bottom of page 1 and continue at the top of page 2. Living with them are Edward’s brothers Louis and Conrad. Note also that there is a William Betz living just down the street at 31 Marion, but since his birth is given as Nova Scotia it is unlikely he is a relative.

Cleveland city directories, 1873 – 1891

This series of nine pages from Cleveland city directories published between 1873 and 1891 reveals quite a lot about the changes in Alois and Rosina’s household over the period. In the 1873 directory Louis, Sr. is listed as a carpenter, while Louis, Jr. is practicing organ making. During that year he and Rosina purchased the property at 37 Marion, and by the 1879 directory he is listed as a grocer.

The 1887 directory shows some big changes. Alois lists himself as a cabinetmaker again, although we are pretty sure from later directories that he was still in the grocery trade. Son Charles is working as a coachman. Louis is working as a cashier for “E.R. Hull & Co.” William is listed as working for “Keller, Betz, and Co.” Two new names show up as residing at the 37 Marion property as well: George Betz, a puddler, and Lawrence Betz, a plumber.

The 1890 and 1891 directories give us our final look at the family just before and after Alois’ passing in April of 1891. In the 1890 listing Charles is working as a teamster, John is a clerk, Joseph has taken over the grocery, apparently, Louis is still a cashier for E.R. Hull, and William is a machinist. George and Lawrence are still there, the one remaining a puddler and the other reduced to laborer.

Finally in the 1891 directory John has become a bartender, Lawrence is back to plumbing, and Rosa is listed for the first time, as Alois’ widow.

1873 Cleveland directory

1875 Cleveland directory

1879 Cleveland directory

1882 Cleveland directory

1885 Cleveland directory

1887 Cleveland directory

1889 Cleveland directory

1890 Cleveland directory

1891 Cleveland directory

1880 Federal census, Cuyahoga county, Ohio


The 1880 Federal census for Cuyahoga county, Ohio, documented Alois and Rosina living at 37 Marion Street, Cleveland, with their very large household. Records begin on sheet line 17. Individuals listed are:

Louis (Alois), 52
Rosa (Rosina), 46
William, 21
Frank, 20
Catharine, 21
Matthias, 18
Charles, 13
Louis, 12
Joseph, 10
John, 8
Conrad, 6
Edward, 4

The four young adults are all children from previous marriages: William and Frank from Alois’ marriage to Josepha Pfaller in Johnstown, Pennsylvania; Catharine (Kate) and Matthias from Rosina’s previous marriage to Joseph Keller.

Ebensburge Democrat-Sentinel, tax sale notice, 1866


A page from the Ebensburg Democrat-Sentinel, 1866, showing that “Alose” Betz had his interest in a house on 1/2 lot sold for an outstanding tax bill of $5.46. We have no further proof that this is Alois Betz, however 1866 is about when he moved to Cleveland and wed Rosina Zweitinger, so it is plausible at least that this is either part of the cause or effect of that change.

Alois’ name is near the bottom of the right column.