I Need a New Home Page

For several years now I have kept the online version of the New York Times as my home page. I kept it through their adoption of interstitial ads. I kept it when they tried their “select” subscription service and blocked content seemingly at random. I kept it when they duplicated articles in different sections of the front page, and changed the headlines on front page posts to make them seem fresh. I kept it even though they use some funky javascript navigation that clears the history list when you load a page. Today, though, is the last straw. Today I need a new home page, because today the NYT started displaying an ad before they will even show you the front page for the first time. Even with an actual paper copy you can read the stories without getting an ad shoved in your face first. I have nothing against advertisements at all. I think they’re a perfectly good revenue model for content on the web. But there are right and wrong ways to do it, and the NYT staff has been working overtime to make their paper as unfriendly to readers as possible. So I need a new home page. Any suggestions?

2 thoughts on “I Need a New Home Page

  1. I went with the Washington Post for now. I like to have a major news site as my home page, and there are really only four or five papers that qualify anymore. The NYT, the Post, The Globe, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, etc. I’ve tried major network sites in the past but they tend to have too much other junk on the front page.

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