Back to the Lehigh and Hudson River

A couple of weeks ago I set out to trace the route of the abandoned Lehigh and Hudson River Railway north from its crossing at Johnsonburg Rd. near Allamuchy, NJ. You can find the post related to that excursion here. The LHRR was once one of the most important rail links in the Northeast, serving as a bypass around New York City via the Poughkeepsie Bridge for trains heading north from DC to Boston, including the famed Federal Express trains of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

This past week I headed out late in the afternoon to walk the same line south from the crossing, with the goal being to reach the culvert where it passed under interstate 80 southwest of Allamuchy. Despite having been abandoned for over 30 years, much remains to tell the tale of a once-critical rail link. I’ve updated the gallery with the additional pictures. Have a look and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Lehigh and Hudson River

  1. Hey saw your pic’s of the l&hr. Nice work. as for saying the line has been gone for 34 years isnt true it was ripped up in 1985 or 86.

  2. Thanks, Larry. I was aware that Conrail didn’t rip up the tracks on the southern part of the line until the mid 80’s, but I thought it was abandoned in the mid-70’s.

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