SilverDraw Library

The SilverDraw library is an update to my ColorTools and GradientEditor projects. It primarily contains the color pickers and gradient editors from those two assemblies, and provides a place for me to hang other classes as I develop them. I produced this in response to a request for access to the GradientEditor application, which I was happy to consent to since I had meant to get to it at some point anyway.

What you get in SilverDraw are the ColorPicker and SimpleColorPicker controls, as well as a utility control for displaying sytem colors, and of course the GradientEditor control, which you can see in action here. Ultimately my plan for this assembly was to add complete support for drawing features, and I may still get to that at some point, but it’s pretty much been on hold for a year now for various reasons. In any case, I hope you find the controls in SilverDraw useful.

Downloads: SilverDraw Assemblies, SilverDraw Source

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