GMemory – An Image Search and Match Game

GMemory is a Google-based image search and match game that takes its inspiration from the game of Memory that I used to play with my kids when they were young. The Memory game consists of a number of wooden tiles with images on one side. Each distinct image appears twice in the tile set. The tiles are spread out face down, and the object is to match the pairs by turning over first one tile, and then another. If you match the tiles stay face up and you turn another. Otherwise they are turned face down again and play passes to the other player if there is one.

GMemory works the same way, except that it searches Google Images for the pictures to use, based on search criteria supplied by the player. It’s a simple game that gave me a chance to learn Silverlight and the Google RESTful search API. (For more on that topic see my GSearch post).

You can play the game here, or download the source and project files here.

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