My Toyota

Toyota is taking a pounding in the press for some highly visible quality issues that have surfaced over the last few months, requiring one of the largest vehicle recalls in the company’s history. Every company hits rough spots, and I have no doubt Toyota will do the right thing by its customers, and by itself. The FJ Cruiser pictured to the left (on what remains of Sand Pond Rd. in the Pahaquarry region of northwest New Jersey) is the third Toyota I’ve owned in 15 years, and is one of the best vehicles of any kind that I have owned, ever. In fact, all three of our Toyotas, the FJ, a Sienna minivan, and a Camry wagon, have been solid, well-designed, well-executed vehicles that have given us our money’s worth. If I ever manage to wear out the FJ, you can bet I’ll buy another one.

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