Moving to a New Host

After five years running my site on Network Solutions I finally grew tired of their performance issues. It was taking 60-120 seconds to load the home page on some occasions, and inquiries to tech support just got me form replies reminding me I was on a shared platform, and advising me about optimizing my javascript and images to load from a CDN. Yes, CDNs are good. If you have tons of traffic using a CDN can move a lot of load off your server. Some day, if I have tons of traffic, I might care about CDNs. At the moment I don’t have tons of traffic, don’t aspire to having tons of traffic, and don’t think it’s taking Chrome 120 seconds to download and process the javascript in my WordPress install. But thanks for the advice, Network Solutions. I’ve moved my site to Rochen Hosting, and the pages load in about 2 seconds. Meanwhile, you might want to take a gander at the load on your MySQL servers.

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