Running haproxy at system startup on Ubuntu

Sometimes I just have to capture this sort of thing because I know damn well I am going to forget it long before the next time it’s needed. We decided to use haproxy as a round-robin matchmaker in front of a cluster of elasticsearch nodes. I installed it on Ubuntu 14.04, configured it, and tested it by running it from the command line. Everything worked. But when I rebooted the instance the proxy didn’t start. I checked the init file and run levels. Everything seemed as it should be… but no dice. To make it worse, executing commands like…

sudo service haproxy start


sudo service haproxy status

… resulted in nothing at all. No errors, no output, nada. I searched around a little bit and stumbled on the following line in /etc/default/haproxy…


Apparently this flag, when set to 0, prevents the init script from running the proxy. The second-hand info I found on the reasoning is that there is no rational default config for haproxy, so they want you to explicitly configure it and then set this flag to 1. So… fine. Makes sense, but I do wish the init script was a little more verbose about what was happening. In any case, once I did this…


… haproxy launched at start as desired.