Document #6 – Alois Betz’s Lehrbrief, 1846

A “Lehrbrief” was a document issued by the Bavarian regional courts to an apprentice on elevation to the status of journeyman. Alois’ lehrbrief was issued in Kipfenberg on April 20th 1846, when he was 18 years of age, and attests to his three years apprenticeship in the “Schreinergewerbes” (carpentry or joinery trades) which began on March 10th 1843, and his having passed the examinations required to graduate to the next level. His home town of Enkering appears along with the name of his father, Johann Betz and the name of his master, or possibly the local guildmaster, Franz –otter, who also signed the document.

The lehrbrief would have been accompanied by Alois’ brand new wanderbuch and both documents were required to be presented to guild officials in any town in which he wished to seek employment on his forthcoming wanderings. Printed on 16.5 x 13.5 with only one half used, the document cost him at least 15 kreutzer. A fairly complete transcription follows the image.


- stamp top left - 

Fifteen Kreutzer

- header center -


- text below header -

Dem Alois Betz Sohn des Johann Betz
zu Enkering wird -rast dieses offentlich aus-
gestellten Briefes bezeugt, dass verselbe mit Genehmigung der polizenli-
chen Obrigkeit am 10ten März 1843 als Lehrling des
Schreinergewerbes ordnungsmäßig eingeschrieben worden, und bei
Franz --otter des gewerbes meister mit Fleiss und
Pünktlichkeit erlernt, auch eine untadelhafte Aufführung gepflagen habe. Es ist daher obere
bemerkter Alois Betz nachdem derselbe die vorgeschriebene Prüfung
erstanden hat, unter dem 26ten April 1846 von der Lehre frey? und
zum Gesellen gesprochen worden.
Kipfenberg den 20ten April 1846.

- signature left -


- signatures right -

Mathieu Fleischmann (or Fleissmann)
Lorenz ----

Franz --otter

- text below signatures -
Vorgemerkt in den Verzeichnissen der Lehrlinge und der Lehrbriefe (margin note here untranscribed)
Kipfenberg deb 20ten April 1846
Koenigl Landgericht

(writing right untranscribed)

(writing left untranscribed)

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