Marie Boehmer’s notes

In the early 1980’s, I believe, my father Edward R. Betz asked his aunt Marie Boehmer (nee Betz) to recall what she could about her generation and the generation that preceded hers. Her hand-written reply comprised four pages, three of which are relevant. Marie was the daughter of Edward R. and Lena M. Betz (Mary Magdalena Betz), and granddaughter of Alois and Rosina Betz. Although she was born well after Alois’ death in 1891, and Rosina’s death in 1899, hers represents the closest thing we have to a contemporary account, and forms the basis on which much of the research of the last few years has proceeded.

The first two pages give an overview of what she knew about Alois and Rosina and their immediate descendants. Page three is entirely personal notes on her circumstances at the time and is omitted. Page four offers a couple of additional glimpses of her grandparents. A transcription in full follows the thumbnails.

Original page one

Original page two

Original page four


Page 1 -

[arrow pointing down] My father's father.
Aloysius Betz - from Enkering [alternate spelling written above]
born Nov 20 - 1827
died April 12 - 1891
parents Johan Betz - and
Elisabetha Betz (nee Hollander)
Johan died Nov 13 - 1856
Elisabetha died Oct 10 - 1855
Elisabetha parents
Josepha Phaller -
born May 19 - 1830 - died Feb 22 - 1862
parents of Josepha Phaller
Joseph Phaller and
Marianne Phaller - (nee Eberle)

Aloysius Betz and Magdalena Pfaller married about
1854 by Rev Clement Braun O.S.B.
in Johnstown Pa.
4 Children Joseph - 1856 - 1857
William F. 1858 - 1936
Frank H. 1860 - 1889
Dorothea 2-1862 - 10-1862

Page 2 -

Lena Betz married Frank Sar Louis
I think in Johnston PA - in 1888 -
(There was a bad flood there 5-31-89)
Lena Betz was a first cousin to my
father (Edward) but I do not know the
['right' written in margin] names of her parents. I think her
father and brother were plumbers.
One of the brothers' daughter married
a man who owned a music store
in Indianapolis Ind - but I don't
recall his name - However you
may be able to trace his name or the
name of his store through the Public
Library in Indianapolis. I think his
wife's name was Dana Betz - who was
a sister in law to Lena Sar Louis.
The Sar Louis had only one child Dr Al
Sar Louis of Cleveland and later of Fla.
They lived on the same street that we
did in Cleveland O - (Hampden Ave).
Maybe the grand children of the man
who owned the music store might be
living in Indianapolis.

Page 3 -

[Personal notes only]

Page 4 -

[Personal notes redacted]

Its kind of a jumble because my
grandfather married twice and
when he married both women they
had children and he had children
then they had children - Dad use
to say his father would look out
the window and say to his wife
your children and my children
are playing with our children.
Hope you can make out this
scribbling - best I can do now. Love to all

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