Pfaller family arrival records, Baltimore, July 1855

These records document the arrival of the Joseph Pfaller family in the U.S. on July 11, 1855. They entered through Baltimore, Maryland, after traveling on the ship Julius from Bremen, and listed Johnstown, Pennsylvania as their ultimate destination. The names and ages line up with my great aunt Marie Boehmer’s notes, which were written in the 1970’s some sixty years at a minimum from the events of her childhood, when she would have heard these facts repeated within her family. Note that the group was too large to fit on one card and so was split into two.

Names and ages of the individuals entering:

Joseph Pfaller, 57
Marianne Pfaller, 60
Franz Pfaller, 27
Josepha Pfaller, 25
Johann Pfaller, 13
Anton Pfaller, 10

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