Spanish pickle

Spanish pickle is not something I had heard of before. It’s one of the odder recipes in the book. For one thing I have no idea what “hot green mangoes” are, so I will assume I’ve misread that. For another it calls for a “small measure of Beans” and one hundred small pickles. I think someone definitely has to make this, and I am issuing an official call for volunteers.



Spanish Pickle

1 Doz Large green cucumbers sliced
1 pk green Tomatoes
1 doz large Onions sliced
4 medium sized Cabbages sliced
as for slaw
1/2 pk hot green Mangoes
1 head of Cauliflower
1 small measure of Beans
1 hundred small pickles
Sprinkle all with salt and
let stand overnight then
squeeze out all the salt water
and add the following
3 oz White Mustard seed
1 oz of Tumeric
1 box of ground Mustard
1 oz of celery seed
1 lb of brown sugar place all
in a kettle alternately cover all
with Cider vinegar and simmer
about 1/2 hour.

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