Lena Sar-Louis’ Mother, ca. 1918

This very degraded photograph shows an elderly woman seated in a chair, with a gaudy stars-and-stripes themed cardboard frame. The labeling on the back indicates this is “Aunt Lena Sar Louis’ mother, Mrs. Betz, about 1918.” Lena Sar-Louis (Sarlouis) was born Magdalen R. Betz, and was a niece of Alois Betz. Therefore the woman depicted here is the wife of a sibling of Alois’ who also emigrated to the U.S. If there are any descendants of Lena and Frank Sar-Louis’ (whose son Dr. Alphonse Sar-Louis married Sarah Carrick) who know this woman’s name, or the name of her husband, we’d love to hear from you.



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