Group photo on Hampden Ave., ca. 1900

An undated group photo taken at the home of Frank and Lena Sar-Louis (Sarlouis). In the rear, left to right, we have Conrad “Cooney” Betz, Lena M. Betz, Edward R. Betz, and Lena Sar-Louis (Sarlouis) (nee Betz). In the front row, left to right, we have Frank Sar-Louis (Sarlouis), Louis Betz, an unknown boy, Bernadette Keller, and her father Matthew Keller, who was Rosina Betz’s son from her first marriage to Joseph Keller. This is one of the few good photos we have of Louis, who was Alois and Rosina’s second child, born in 1868. From Edward and Lena’s apparent age we date this to shortly after they were married in 1900.



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