1870 Federal census, Cuyahoga county, Ohio

By 1870 the Federal census shows Alois and Rosina living in Cleveland, in ward 6, with three of the six children they would eventually have together, and four children from their previous marriages. Note that the last name of the family is misspelled “Bates” in the schedule, something that was not uncommon. Also note that Alois’ place of birth is given as Wirtemburg, and Rosina’s as Ohio. Both are wrong. Nevertheless this is certainly their record. Unfortunately addresses were not given in the 1870 census, but ward 6 did include Marion Street, where the family would ultimately settle, so it is possible they were already there. Listed in the schedule were:

Aloy, 42
Rosa, 36
William, 12
Frank, 10
Kate, 11
Mathias, 8
Charles, 2
Aloy, 3
Joseph, 1/12

In addition to all the other mistakes I believe the enumerator transposed Louis Jr. (Aloy) and Charles’ ages.

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