So you want Windows to show 24-hour time?

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I spend a large part of every day shelled into cloud servers, viewing logs, checking alerts in slack channels, looking at pages on my phone, glancing at the kitchen clock as I walk by to get coffee, and otherwise behaving like a typical engineer. These activities have something in common: they all involve timestamps of one form or another and most of them are different.

Yeah, I hate time zones, and you probably do too. Our servers are on UTC military time. Our slack channel shows 12-hour local time, as does the kitchen clock and my phone. My colleagues are often reporting timestamps in their own local time, which given that we’ve been a remote team for something like forever means those might be EST, EDT, CDT, CST, PDT, PST… you get the point… moreover you’ve probably lived it just like the rest of us. I’ve considered just changing everything in my life to UTC military time but I would irritate my wife and you can’t avoid hitting a disconnect somewhere. Still, I do want to make all the on-the-fly converting I have to do as easy as possible.

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