About me

I’m a software developer and distributed systems engineer with over two decades of experience. I work on the site reliability/devops team at Olark, where we provide real time chat services to over 11,000 businesses worldwide. My professional interests range from deploying containers at scale using kubernetes to machine learning. Over the years I’ve built production software using many different languages from BASIC to C++ and python. In a previous life I cofounded Incurrent, a first-gen Internet banking startup that made Deloit’s Hot 50 a couple of times in the 90’s. Back in the day I wrote articles for journals like Dr. Dobb’s and Software Development. Today I write on technical topics here and on medium. When I’m not working I play guitar, rummage about in history, go out on the water whenever I can and follow old roads to see where they go. You can most easily get in touch with me on this site.