2 thoughts on “The Lehigh and Hudson RR

  1. Hi Mark,
    came across this site today. Love your pics of the LHR. I too explored it and still do. I published a book last year titled “Tracking down the Lehigh and Hudson” featuring before and after shots of the structures found along the right of way. Interesting to see one of the photo’s you took at Tranquility Farms crossing. I used that location as the cover picture for my book. Glad to see you’re enjoying the trails!
    (I play guitar as well.)
    There’s also a few other books on the market about the LHR-2 from Ed Crist, 1 from Bob Pennisi, and 1 from Tracy Antz/Jim Boyd-all enjoyable and informative.

  2. Glad you liked them, Paul. Thanks for giving a name to that farm crossing. I will keep an eye out for your book, as I always enjoy writing of that kind.

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