12 thoughts on “The Vancampen Burial Ground

  1. Enjoyed your gallery. These are the family members who moved southward from New Amsterdam. My direct antecedents went to the frontier of western NY and PA. You had a very interesting adventure and I can appreciate the suffering necessary to find these graves.

  2. Hi, Jeff. I don’t specifically recall seeing a stone with that name, but it has been several years since I have been back there. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. You are very kind not to bash the Park Service i on the other hand have no respect for what they have let that whole area become .. My grandparents the Millers owned the old Van Campen home across the street from the cemetery .., I have not been to the cemetery in years but I know right where it is as I child I was raised in that area ,,. The park service was responsible for the home that burned to the ground a few years ago and the barns are in neglect as is the property … I started doing some digging around after the fire and was given the run around and smelled fishy to me …. I went up and looked at the area and was saddened by the upkeep on these homes and area …,

  4. Sorry to be so long approving your comment, Jim. I was away when you posted and it just dropped through the cracks. Just wanted you to know it hadn’t been censored or anything like that. I share your evident sadness at the decline of those properties. At the same time I also know the Park Service has to pick and choose, and to some extent this is a problem they were handed. The real damage was done after the flood of ’55 and the government’s over reaction to it.

  5. My Grandfather, Nicholas Moses DePuy, and my Grandmother Elizabeth DePuy-Van Campen are buried there. It would be nice to have an actual picture of their headstone. Nicholas was killed at the massacre at Forty Fort.

  6. Hi, Betty. Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t been back to the cemetery in over five years, but it was in pretty rough shape on my last visit. Very difficult to move around due to extremely thick brush, in which I am sure a great many more stones are concealed.

  7. I enjoyed your gallery here. I am a Southern Californian Van Campen, but there are my ancestors. I believe my 3rd great grandfather, also James, and passed 1826 is in this cemetary. My great-grand father, Charles Abraham, was born in the stone house in the Pahaquarry vicinity.

  8. Mark, thank you for your pictures. We visit here a couple times a year, we’re fascinated with the history. Like you, we’ve stumbled across many grave markers. Sad that it’s not kept up, we respectfully walk through cemetery. We just visited there yesterday.(Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020).

  9. Thank you for posting this long ago! You have an adventurous spirit. I would have loved to have been with you looking for my ancestor! Thank you for the wonderful photos.

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